Bernice German

Bernice German

Bernice German has worked on improving math achievement for all students since 1989.  Prior to that, she earned an M.A. in Physics and worked as a geophysicist in the oil industry.  She learned about research into how students learn math through graduate courses in math education and assessment.  She taught math in all grades from 5th through junior college, including teaching pre-service teachers.  Her teaching experience included an exclusive private school and an urban school where gang activity was an issue.  Bernice worked for a publishing company and wrote items for state achievement tests.  She developed the Math Whisperer program which brings struggling middle and high school students to grade level efficiently.   Bernice lives in Kennebunk, Maine.

ED Dolde

Ed Nolde is an attorney whose career has focused on consumer protection.  He began his career as a VISTA legal aid attorney, and went on to both teach consumer protection and serve in the Attorney General’s office in Richmond, VA.  Ed also specialized in laws governing charitable solicitations, including serving with the National Association of State Charity Officials.  He is a past president of two Rotary clubs, and board member of several non-profit organizations.  Ed continues to be an active volunteer in his community of Cumberland, Maine.

TJ Dupree

TJ Dupree is a board member living in Maine and Virginia, where he volunteers as court-appointed special advocate for abused and neglected children.  He taught English to speakers of other languages in the Portland Maine public school district for approximately 10 years.  Prior to that he was a senior commercial executive in multiple human and animal health companies.